Criminal Defence

Kingsley Brookes Solicitors are criminal defence specialists. The team comprises of Carl Kingsley who is a barrister with over 25 years experience in the legal profession. Rachel Sharpe who is a high court advocate. Emily Price who is an experienced duty solicitor and Victoria Sims who is an Assistant Solicitor.

This means that as a firm we can represent your interests from the initial attendance at the police station right through to the Appeal courts.

This provides a seamless service for clients and means that the advocate who is conducting your case has all the necessary information at his fingertips.

We have access to teams of experts including medical and scientific experts as well as investigators to assist in all aspects of your case, testing and challenging the findings of the prosecution experts.

Have you been arrested and bailed to attend at the police station?

If you didn't have a solicitor when you were first arrested act NOW and arrange for a solicitor to attend with you when you return. It is not too late to instruct a Solicitor even if you have already been interviewed by the police. One of our solicitors/representatives will attend and advise throughout the investigation process and make representations to the police on your behalf.

Good advice at the police station can stop an investigation in its tracks, bad advice or no advice at all can result in you inadvertently strengthening the case against you and resulting in your prosecution. It costs you NOTHING to have this assistance, pick up the phone and speak to us!!!

Have you recently been arrested and charged with an offence?

If you have then your first step is to assemble a defence team to represent you before your first appearance at the Magistrates court.

We, as specialist criminal defence solicitors deal with the whole range of criminal offences including thefts, assaults, burglary, sexual assaults all the way up to the most serious offences carrying life imprisonment.

Our advocates will assist you to make an application for legal aid which, if successful will cover all your legal costs and only if the matters goes to crown court can you be at risk of paying a contribution towards your defence and only then generally if you are convicted.

If you are refused legal aid there is an appeals process which again our advocates can guide you through. We will also discuss the alternatives should you be refused legal aid.

The important thing so far as your defence is concerned is that you act quickly so that your defence team can start putting funding in place and building your defence even before your first appearance at court.

Our experienced trial advocates will remain with your case through to trial to maintain consistency and increase your chances of a successful outcome. We will also advise and present appeals should that become necessary.

Even if you have decided to plead guilty you are in a much better position if you seek the advice of a solicitor as soon as possible so that your solicitor can say the things to the court that you want to say in a manner that will positively influence the court to treat you leniently and fairly.