Football Related Crime & Banning Orders

If you are involved in an incident which is related to a football match Kingsley Brookes Solicitors have the experience and expertise to assist you.

In addition to the usual public order offences which you may be charged with, there is also additional legislation which deals with football related offences.

People found guilty of offences under this legislation can be banned from attending football matches by the imposition of a football banning order.

A Football Banning order can be tailor made to the offender and as such can include restrictions such as exclusion from the geographical area around the football stadium for a period of time both before and after the match, or if the match is played abroad the offender maybe required to report to their local police station.

If you have been arrested or invited for an interview by the police or charged to court for any offence related to a football match you are entitled to a solicitor.

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